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Get a MF'ing Grip
Multi-Functioning Grip for the AR/M4 platform

Gun Guardian, LLC is currently selling The Multi-Functioning Grip (MF'ing Grip) for AR / M4 to Law Enforcement agencies, Military, and Security Forces ONLY.

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Why is it called the Multi-Functioning Grip?  The MF'ing Grip has multiple positions that allow for different functions. 

RTF - Ready To Fire (Left Photo), Mid-Position (Center Photo) and the UC - Under Cover Position (Right Photo).

In RTF the MF'ing Grip acts just like any other grip.

In the Mid-Position it makes the rifle easier to stow/carry, and a quick smack to the back of the MF'ing Grip locks it into RTF.


In the UC-Position the MF'ing Grip completely shields the trigger and trigger guard area, and keeps the selector switch in "Safe"**This only works with full size / Mil-Spec selector switches, NOT "Short-Throw" selector switches.

There are two user-selectable options in the UC-Position


  • "F" Mode - Fast access.  This mode only requires a small amount of force to slide the Shield and uncover the trigger.

  • "R" Mode - Release Button.  This mode requires a spring-loaded button to be held in before the Sheild can uncover the trigger



The MF'ing Grip was designed to be activated during weapon retention / weapon takeaway,  when handcuffing a suspect, while rendering aid, while being stowed in the vehicle  or saddlebags of motorcycles, and anytime the individual wants the firearm to be more secure (such as at the range during firearms training, or a school resource officer).


For motor units or covert carry, it is recommended to use a 10 round magazine while stowed.  You can see in the following photograph how compact this 7.5" Barrel AR is with a 10 round magazine and the MF'ing Grip in the closed position ...


The MF'ing Grip below is shown with the High-visibility option, in blue.  The bright color, which can be any color, allows for fast visual verification that the firearm can't be discharged.  


The High-visibility color is concealed when in the RTF Position (Ready To Fire)


If you're interested in purchasing the MF'ing Grip (AR/M4) please contact us

Gun Guardian, LLC was founded and is run by two full-time state law enforcement detectives.  With that being said, we currently do not have the manpower to sell to individual officers, soldiers, or civilians.  Please be patient as this company grows and expands to better serve this great country.

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