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About Us



Will Murphy:


Will started his law enforcement career as a State Trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol in 2005. With over 19 years of law enforcement experience, Will is a Glock Armor, AR/M4 Armor, and a Field Training Officer.  Currently he is working as an Arson Detective in Orlando, Florida. Will has a very extensive interest and knowledge of firearms and accessories, and also studied drafting and design.  As a law enforcement officer, he was often approached by people seeking advice on how to properly store firearms. They all had the same question; “How can I store my gun where my children can’t access it, but in an emergency I quickly can?”


Rob Harvey:


Rob started his law enforcement career as an Orange County Deputy Sheriff in Orlando, FL in 1999. Currently he is working as an Arson Detective in Orlando, Florida. With over 24 years of law enforcement experience, Rob is a Firearms Instructor, Glock Armor, AR/M4 Armor, and a Field Training Officer. He has always had a passion for “how things work” and uses his mechanical mind to think of ways to solve problems while improving lives.

The beginning of Gun Guardian:


After failing to find a practical firearm safety device already on the market, Will used his knowledge of firearms and design to sculpt modeling clay.  Using this clay to form to his Glock service weapon, and AR-15 patrol rifle, Will developed the first Gun Guardian concepts.  After making several clay prototypes, Will created devices that bridged the gap between safe and readily available. Will showed these concepts to his co-worker, Rob, and together they brainstormed all the features that would be needed to make a simple and effective safety device. They then melted and molded plastic to make basic functioning prototypes. Once completed they presented the Gun Guardian prototypes to Zalaco, LLC, a Central Florida company that was founded by a former Lockheed Martin engineer.  Zalaco, LLC specializes in prototypes, and 3D modeling.  They worked together to write the patents, and create Computer Aided Designs, high-resolution images, and 3D prints of Gun Guardian. 

Gun Guardian went from a lump of clay to Gun Guardian, LLC.  Gun Guardian, LLC currently holds twelve patents, and one trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is patent pending on two other safety devices for handguns, rifles and shotguns. 

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