Installation Instructions: 

It is recommended that an AR/M4 armorer installs TriggerShield (TS-1)

STEP 1:  Ensure the firearm is unloaded, that the chamber is empty, and the selector switch is in "Safe".


STEP 2: Place the firearm on its top, so the bottom of the grip is pointing towards the sky.  (This will help prevent the selector switch spring and detent from falling out).  Remove the factory grip by unscrewing the grip screw in the bottom of the lower receiver.  If your factory grip screw came with a washer, REMOVE IT AND DO NOT USE THE WASHER with TriggerSheild.


STEP 3:  Slide the Shield rearward to put TS-1 into installation mode as shown in the animation.

STEP 4: Use the factory grip screw and align TS-1 to the lower receiver of the AR/M4, ensuring that the selector switch spring aligns with the spring retaining hole in the grip.  HAND TIGHTEN the grip screw and TS-1 onto the lower receiver. 


STEP 5:  Ensure that the "Shield" of the TS-1 slides forward and locks into place, protecting the trigger.  If the Shield will not slide forward, make sure the selector switch is in "Safe" and try again.


STEP 6:  Press the "Release Button", which is on the bottom of TS-1, and slide the Shield backwards, towards the buffer-tube.  Once the Shield is pulled completely rearwards, rotate the grip downward to lock it into the Ready-To-Fire position.


STEP 7:  To put TS-1 back into Safe, rotate the selector switch to "safe", pull the Shield downward (like removing the magazine), rotate the grip upward (so it's parallel to the rifle), then slide the Shield towards the barrel until the release button lowers and locks the Shield into place, protecting the trigger.


STEP 8:  Repeat steps 6 and 7 several times, ensuring proper function.  If there are any issues contact us immediately. 

STEP 9:  If TS-1 is functioning properly, reload the AR/M4 following your agency’s policy.  

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