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Why Gun Guardian?


We not only support, but defend the second amendment.  We believe in technology, but we also know it fails at times. This is why we developed Hybrid Trigger Shield (HTS).  HTS has the convenience of biometric technology, but also has an independent mechanical lock. This patented lock allows the user to unlock HTS with either their fingerprint, or the mechanical combination lock.  This ensures that you will always have access to the trigger of your firearm when needed. 


HTS and STS store your fingerprints on the internal boards.  These boards are encrypted with military grade software to protect your information. Gun Guardian does NOT have access, nor do we store your fingerprints.  The "Master user" (the owner who first sets up HTS and STS) has the option to add or remove fingerprints and users as needed. 

The optional GPS tracker allows you to locate your firearm if misplaced, or allows you to give law enforcement permission to track your firearm if stolen.  Gun Guardian does not have the ability to track your firearm.  We respect your privacy and your second amendment right. 

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